Long tresses are quite the fashion nowadays, which is why so many people all over the country are opting to add extensions to their otherwise short hairstyles. Indeed, anyone today can have long hair in an instant but what many people don't realize is that there are a few special things that need to be done as part of proper hair extension care.

When you first go out of the salon with freshly attached extensions, your hair will surely look fabulous. In order to maintain the beauty of your new locks, you will need to practice the right hair extension care procedures at home where there are no experts to do them for you.

Elements of Hair Extension Care

The actual steps on how to care for your hair extensions will depend primarily on which type of extensions you will have. There are basically two kinds: those that are attached in wefts, and those that attached in groups of strands.The method of attaching the extensions usually depends on the type of hair that you naturally have. Regardless of how your extensions are to be attached, there are three fundamental elements of hair extension care that you should learn.

  • First is the proper way of brushing — it should be done in such a way that you don't move or detach your hair extensions.
  • Second is the choice of shampoo, conditioner and any other hair care products to use.
  • Third is the right way of sleeping so that your hair extensions do not fall off while you sleep.

Hair extensions can be attached using several ways, the three most popular of which are bonding, fusion and clamps. Some people say that certain methods of attachment are stronger than others but with the proper hair extension care, you can ensure that your extensions stay in place no matter how they are attached to your hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Extension Care Products

As the use of hair extensions becomes more popular, the availability of good hair extension care products is becoming wider as well. Before, you can only buy these hair care products from the salon where you had your extensions attached, but these days you can buy all sorts of products in beauty shops all over the country, and even on the Internet. You do have to be careful in choosing the products to use and make sure that they are compatible with the type of extensions that you have.