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Submission Polices and Instructions

Please take a few moments to review and understand these terms and conditions before you submit your site. Failure to understand and follow these terms generally will result in the rejection of a submission. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, in the future, to change, modify, add or remove all or part of these terms at any time.

Site Title and Description

Selection and Listing of Sites

We reserve the right to decide whether, where, and how a site is listed. Placement and editing of directory listings is at our sole discretion. We reserve the right not to include any specific keywords in the title or description of your site, decline any submission, move the listing to a different category or subcategory, and change or remove any keywords at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to remove any listing without notice if we find any rules violations or that we otherwise believe, in our sole discretion, should not be included in the directory. Sites that are later found violating our submission guidelines after approval will be removed.

Refund Policy:

Editorial Discretion

Please recognize that making the Web Designers Directory a useful resource requires us to exercise broad editorial discretion in determining the content and structure of the directory. That discretion extends (but is not limited) to what sites to include, where in the directory sites are placed, whether and when to include more than one link to a site, when deep linking is appropriate, and the content of the title and description of the site. Please understand that an editor's exercise of discretion may not always treat all submissions equally. You may not always agree with our choices, but we hope you recognize that we do our best to make fair and reasonable decisions.