Professional hair care services can be quite expensive – that is why many women these days choose to dye their own hair instead of going to the salon for a professional hair color treatment. DIY hair care is certainly a great way to save money but it does take some hair care tips and practice in order to come up with the best possible results.

Getting Started With Hair Color

One of the first things you have to do before dyeing your hair is to decide on what hair color you want your locks to be. If you are switching from a darker to a lighter shade, you will have to apply some peroxide first in order to "strip" your hair.

When not used properly, peroxide can damage not only your hair but also your scalp. So if you are not that sure of how to go about it, it is best to have the procedure done by a professional hair care specialist. On the other hand, if you are going from light to dark, or if you are thinking of staying in the same color family, it will be quite easy and completely safe for you to do your own hair care.

More Hair Care Tips

As soon as you have chosen a color for your hair, the next step in home hair care tips is to pick out a brand of dye to use. These days, there are so many different brands out there that it can be quite intimidating to figure out which one is best.

Choosing Hair Dyes and Hair Coloring Products

A good rule of thumb is to choose a brand of hair care products that is fairly well-known, like L'Oreal or Herbal Essences. Such popular and reputable names have been used and trusted by people for a long time. Stay away from brands that you have never heard of, especially those that are extremely inexpensive. Chances are that the quality of these hair dyes is only as good as its price.

Applying the dye to your hair is not a difficult process but you do have to practice caution if you don't want to stain your clothes. Better yet, you might want to put on an old t-shirt that you don't mind staining before you begin your hair care dyeing procedure.

The first time you color your hair, you may feel a little unsure or even awkward but you will soon get used to it. It will require a little bit of effort and you might miss the pampering that you can otherwise get from the salon, but with home hair care like this, you can definitely save a lot of money that you can use for more important things in your life.